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After a Dog Attack: Prepare to File a Claim

German Shepherd dog being trainedDogs are man’s best friends. However, no matter how much people love them, they may still attack after being provoked or while trying to defend their territory. Ignoring dangerous dog warning signs can also lead to them turning vicious. Below is a legal overview for seeking legal recourse after being attacked by a dog.

What to do After a Dog Attack

It is very important to seek medical attention after being bitten by a dog. Untreated animal bites can lead to severe infections and even death. Prepare all your medical documents as they may come in handy when you are looking to file a claim. You will also want to consult with a personal injury lawyer such as the Law Office of Paul R. Bennett. They will guide you on how to recover damages and also assist you throughout the court proceedings.

Owner Liability

The first step in establishing liability after a dog attack is finding the owner. Most laws in American states assume that the dog owner is responsible for the animal attack, placing the burden to prove otherwise on the owners. Under this rule, the owner is to be held liable whether or not they are aware that the dog posed any danger. In some states, the animal owner can be held accountable for the attack if they had reason to believe that the dog would go rogue. However, establishing liability on the owner of the animal is not always easy. This is why you need adequate legal assistance in determining whether they are aware that their dog could cause harm.

Potential Defenses

The dog owner may not be held accountable for the attack in some cases.  If the owner put up signs to warn that the animals were dangerous and kept them out of reach, they may not be held liable for the attack. If you climbed over a wall and got attacked by a dog, the jury will not hold the owners responsible. Seeking medical attention after an animal attack is strongly advised.

Sometimes, even the best behaved dogs can turn violent and inflict harm on people. You have to know what to do and be prepared when an animal attacks.

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