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Aspects That Support High Multipliers in Pain and Suffering Compensation

Several methods are used to calculate the amount of pain and suffering compensation you are owed for an accident arising from another person’s negligence. The two common ones are the per diem and multiplier methods.

The per diem method will use a daily pain and suffering calculation to get a fair amount for your accident’s injuries. With this option, a specified dollar amount will be paid for each of the days you suffer from the accident’s causation to the time you reach maximum medical improvement.

The multiplier method is the common one used by Glen Burnie’s top personal injury lawyer. This method uses numbers ranging from 5 to15 multiplied by your future and past medical expenses and the wages you have lost during your injury. The idea behind this is that you’re suffering from an accident is worth not less than twice the economic costs of your injuries.

In a perfect world, getting the highest multiplier for your case is the best way to maximize your compensation. Several aspects nonetheless determine the multiplier that will apply to your lawsuit. The following are the elements that will support the use of a high multiplier for your injury.

The Defendant’s Evident Fault

It might be challenging to directly link a defendant to the causation of an accident in some cases. In others like drunk or careless driving or the failure of an employer to provide sufficient PPE for employees, however, the fault is generally apparent.

In these cases, high multipliers will also be used to punish the defendant and avert a recurrence of the mistake in the future. To you, the defendant’s fault might be apparent. Even so, it is vital to gather all evidence and get the best lawyer to convince the courts of the same.

Care from Respectable Hospitals

Most people would opt for the cheapest possible hospital for their injuries to minimize the amount of medical lien they have on their payout. This might seem commendable initially but might cast doubt on your injuries’ extent. The ideal choice to boost your odds of a high multiplier is to get medical attention from a reputable center and provider.


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Your age will be one of the determinants of the multiplier used in your case. If for example, you are young, the courts will ordinarily use a high multiplier since your life will be significantly impacted. In some cases, a plaintiff’s gender is also considered. This is particularly so in lawsuits where the injuries impact issues like childbearing or the odds of certain cancers.

Impact on Your Professional Life

Some injuries might not affect your professional life much and will thus attract a low multiplier. An injury that impacts your ability to engage in your trade will, however, call for a high multiplier. This is because you should get a settlement that will be enough to guarantee you a comfortable early retirement.

People think their compensation is as easy as receipts after an accident. This notion will see you settle for far less than your case is worth. An attorney will focus on the above elements to maximize the amount you will get with the evidence you have gathered for your case.

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