Keeping the Law: Avoiding Traffic Tickets When Driving Long Distance

To a large degree, streets can be tricky. It’s hard to imagine how the streets would remain peaceful and calm if no laws were implemented. It’s bound to be chaos. And what a mess it would be. When people do whatever pleases them on the road, our streets will become a jungle in a snap of a finger.

If you’re not convinced, think of all the accidents we do have, even with all the rules in place. Every year, over 38,000 Americans die due to crashes on American roads. Aggravating things, there are 4.4 million serious injuries that happen due to these road accidents. All of these are telltale signs that keeping law and order in America’s streets is paramount.

On the other side of the equation, nothing zaps your energy more than a road ticket. When you’re in a superhighway, keeping your speed at a bare minimum can certainly be a challenge, especially if you’re out with friends on a road trip. Sometimes, your lead foot can step on the gas far too often.

Luckily, avoiding tickets when behind the wheel isn’t really an impossible feat. With conscious effort and due diligence, you should have your road trip filled with fun and laughter and not embroiled with negativity, not to mention the long arm of the law.

Stay Low-key

If your car is standing out like a sore thumb on the streets, then you’re bound to get undue police attention whether you like it or not. To avoid traffic tickets, you need to keep things low. Turn down that loud music when you’re on the road. All that noise will not only irritate other drivers, but it’s a surefire way to get the cops on your tail.

Moreover, ensure your car is in order. If it’s not in good working order, you’re bound to be in trouble once the cops swoop in. Added to this, nix those iffy car mods, bumper stickers, and out-of-this-world window tint.

You’ll run into the law if your car is missing some parts or need repairs. So make sure your vehicle is good to go. Parts missing and a taillight out only ensure an officer will pull you over sooner rather than later. It’s all going to come apart once an officer flags you down. He’ll look into your license and pick your vehicle apart, your speed driving including.

So a proactive way to prevent such a downer is to visit your car mechanic shop before engaging a road trip. A tune-up before embarking is thinking straight. And while you’re on it, get that speedometer calibrated.

With technology on their side (e.g., radar guns), cops will know when you’ve breached the speed limit. And yes, there’s certainly no need for you to argue about the merits of radar guns. You’re only digging a bigger hole for yourself.

Follow the Herd

The goal here is to blend in. Don’t step on the gas to go out of your lane. Just follow the car in front of you and stay at the same speed. When you do this, there’s a lesser chance that you’re going to be in an accident. Even better, you won’t catch the undue attention of the police.

Take note that accidents are a surefire way to get a ticket. And tickets should not be the only thing you fear about accidents. It’s the least of your concern.

Taking a page from truck drivers who run superhighways and miles and miles of road every day in this regard would be wise. Around 500,000 trucking accidents happen each year which results in 5,000 deaths. Usually, this involves 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, or big rigs. Small wonder truck drivers all over America rely on truck accident attorneys to help them should anything happen on the road. That way, the legal expert can go through the details of the mishap while they could be tending to an injury. Or worse.

Certainly, it pays for you to keep things in line. You keep yourself out of the crosshairs of the law. Best of all, you keep yourself away from harm.

Keep Your Cool

speed limit

Well, speed limits exist for a reason. And if you’re a speedster and can’t get over your need for speed, you’re actually asking for it. Take note, however, that your behavior can make or break your chances of getting a citation once you’re flagged.

Keep your tone down and be apologetic. The more your temper rises, the more you incite suspicion. Remember that officers are always on their toes when they approach a vehicle. So keep your hands to the wheel and stay civil. Be courteous and make eye contact. It’s one way to show you’ve got nothing to hide.

Drive Safe

Being a showoff on the road can have dire consequences for you. Remember that driving aggressively can not only put you in the crosshairs of an officer, but also it can put you in danger. By far, it’s the quickest way to gain an officer’s attention.

So the best way to not getting a ticket is to follow the rules. Never tailgate for one. Also, avoid switching lanes. If you have to change lanes, signal first.

Do Your Due Diligence

And most important of all, never go into a strange land without doing your homework. Learn their local road ordinances, such as seat belt rules and cell phone use. When you arm yourself with knowledge, you’re bound to lower your chances of getting a ticket in no time.

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