Two Employees Having a Dispute

Dealing with Disputes: How Mediation May Save Your Company

Two Employees Having a DisputeWhen employees and their employers have a major dispute that could involve legal matters, one of the more obvious choices is to go to court and settle it there. Unfortunately, it consumes a lot of resources from both parties in the form of money, time, and reputation. A better option is mediation, which involves hiring an expert who will assist both parties to focus on the actual issues and find a solution for it.

Here are some of the benefits of this process:

Less Costly

Money is one of the biggest resources that are drained whenever there is a litigation case. Aside from lawyer’s fees, there are also possible fines and money lost from missing work and time consumed by the case. Through employment dispute mediation, all you need to pay for is the mediator’s fee. Any other payments would depend on the agreement that you and your employee eventually come up with.

Faster Process

Time is an irreplaceable resource that will be used in any litigation process. With expert mediation, a legal case that can last for months can be solved within weeks. Mediation helps you and your employee connect and communicate on specific points. This direct process with expert guidance may expedite any agreements decided by both parties.

Stricter Confidentiality

Court cases, especially the more controversial ones, will catch some sort of public or media attention. Your company’s reputation can easily be compromised, and that can mean loss of business clients and profits. Resorting to mediation keeps company and employee privacy intact and saves you the trouble of having to deal with nosy people and the media.

Mediation helps you and your employee resolve your dispute quickly, quietly, and on your own terms. If you can resolve the issue while it is still small, then do so. Who knows, mediation might even restore your good working relationships in the end.

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