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Deception in Divorce: Sometimes You Just Can’t Trust Some People

Sometimes, it’s hard to comprehend why some couples divorce. For others, though, it’s clear as day: the opposing party was simply dishonest. Keeping a secret is hardly better, harmless or otherwise, but it’s another to lie outright. They start to live separate lives because of all the things they hide from each other, and it won’t be a surprise to see these individuals in a failing marriage.

This habit, however, follows some people to the end. The sins you commit in your marriage paints a picture, and it’s your choice to use them beneficially or ignore them. For those who let their greed reign over them, it doesn’t end well. Some just can’t agree on anything that they drag the divorce as long as each other is alive.

But, it doesn’t have to come to a globetrotting situation for a divorce to be as complicated. You won’t be the first to come to The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick or other divorce attorneys with the same kind of problem, and this is why they can help you.

Nothing New, Nothing Good

Feuding couples are nothing new, but fights don’t matter in the eyes of the law. It’s deception and one-upmanship that a judge minds, and if there’s something inconsistent with your spouse’s claims, especially in financial matters, it’s worth pursuing the truth.

Money isn’t just money in divorces; it represents both of the spouses’ effort to build a life with each other. These funds are community property and in Long Island law and you have grounds to claim some properties for your own. It’s hardly about money; houses, cars, custody, it’s all been fought over in the past.

This is why being honest is for your own good. Divorce is as much of a legal process as it is an emotional one, and in the latter, the judge is the adjudicator. It’s always better to be open, to let your lawyer and the judge know that you have nothing to hide. It will also let your legal counsel build a stronger case.

Being amicable isn’t the worst when dealing with a divorce. A lying spouse will make it hard, but honesty offers a better endgame than deception.

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