Divorce Discreetly: Is Mediation for You?

Divorce in New MexicoDivorce is never easy. And sometimes, it is necessary. But if a couple is decided to go their separate ways and don’t want all the drama attendant to most divorces, there is an alternative. The outcome is still divorce, where the marriage is legally over.

And there are still arrangements. What is absent with this option is going through court proceedings that can be protracted and are often emotional.


First, taking the divorce mediation path means the spouses agree to divorce and want to settle things quietly. Instead of a judge and court room, there is a divorce mediator that will work with the couple. The mediator can be an Albuquerque divorce lawyer, but not necessarily so except that they are well versed not only about divorce but also family law. More importantly, the mediator must be neutral, never advocating for either spouse.

Goal of This Process

The goal is to resolve issues in the most amicable way that will be fair to both parties. This will include finances and properties, custody over children and support and alimony. Each party still have their individual attorneys that are present during the mediation proceedings and the final signing of the divorce agreement.

Mediation Isn’t for Everyone

This alternative is not for every marriage. It requires open lines of communication and being open-minded. Its goal is to come to an agreement in a shorter period, while being discreet about it to maintain good relations after the deed is done. It is also to spare the kids the emotional rollercoaster ride that is common in most divorces.

However, if it does not work, the couple would have wasted time and effort. Another downside is it might not complete or it only favors one spouse instead of being fair to both parties. Thus it is best to get a good mediator for the process.

Better Relations

One advantage of the process is it usually allows a couple to work through their differences in a way that will be good for the children because they need to work together as parents. It also fosters better communication between both parties, making it easier to come to terms, even while ending the relationship.

Divorce is costly, not just on the finances but on emotions. If there is a way to go through with it without going through all the pain, wouldn’t it be better for all?

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