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Five Misconceptions about Truck Accidents You Need to Know

Auto accidents involving trucks often result in severe damages to properties. What’s even more unsettling is that truck accidents often lead to severe injuries or death. With a truck’s heavier weight and bigger size, it makes sense why most people assume the worst when they hear about a truck accident.

There are different causes of truck accidents. Some drivers had inadequate training when it comes to defensive driving techniques. Some drivers opted to drink and drive. Others have a hectic schedule, which causes fatigue and exhaustion.

If you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident, a truck accident attorney in areas like Draper can help and acquire the compensation you deserve. If you plan to file a case, it pays to know the facts behind the following truck accident misconceptions.

Truck drivers follow the same traffic rules as other drivers

Truck drivers need to use extreme caution when following more stringent traffic rules. That is because they drive heavier vehicles that weigh more than your typical car. However, this doesn’t mean they are better drivers with flawless driving records. Even with the stricter traffic laws that truck drivers need to obey, there are times when truck accidents still happen.

It is hard to win a truck accident claim

Like most lawsuits, there is no guarantee that you will win a truck accident lawsuit even if you’re the victim. However, it is not impossible to win one. If you have enough evidence, witnesses, and a reliable lawyer, your chances of getting proper compensation are high. That is why it’s good to have a competent lawyer who has experience working in a similar case.

Truckers always cause the accident

This misconception needs to be eradicated. Sure, some truck drivers are reckless at their job. However, many defensive truck drivers were unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place and time.

It can take years to receive compensation from a truck accident lawsuit

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Some auto accident claims can indeed take years before they get settled. But, like other lawsuits, you need to gather enough evidence to prove you have a case to file. Doing this involves you and your lawyer gathering additional information that will support your side. For example, you can show the trucker’s negligence and the factors that contributed to the accident. The process can take months up to a few years.

One can get proper compensation even without the help of a lawyer

Yes, it is possible to receive compensation even without the help of a truck accident lawyer. However, you can’t always be adequately compensated without a legal representative. A lawyer who specializes in truck accident claims can help you receive proper compensation.

These are but five common truck accident misconceptions everyone needs to know. By keeping yourself updated with the facts behind each myth, you’re left with the knowledge that can help you win your case. Do you know someone who is involved in a truck accident? Know that they can get compensation with the help of a lawyer who specializes in these types of cases.

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