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What You Should Know About Gun Possession and Insurance

Guns are a huge part of American society and are the main topic in the nation’s political debates. In fact, the U.S. Constitution’s second amendment grants its residents the right to bear arms, and nearly a third of U.S. adults claim they own a gun. Today, the newly elected administration and policymakers proposed new restrictions on firearm access.

It aims to address gun violence, ranging from mass shootings to rising murder rates in major cities. Below are some crucial findings of the Americans’ attitude towards gun policies, gun violence, and other related matters.

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30% Of Americans Claim They Own a Gun

Based on the Pew Research Center survey in 2021, four out of ten US adults claim they live in a house with a gun, of which 30% claim they own one. Gun ownership rates differ by location, gender, political party affiliation, or more. For example, 44% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents claim they own a gun compared to 20% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents.

Men are more likely to own a gun. In addition, 41% of adults in rural areas claim to own a firearm, unlike 29% of Americans living in the suburbs and major cities. Gun sales also increased during the pandemic. In 2020, the rate for monthly federal background checks for gun purchases reached 20%, which was higher than at the same time in 2019.

That makes it essential for gun owners to comply with safe gun handling and storage rules. Then, consult a reputable gun insurance company to assess the liability and dangers associated with gun ownership. It’ll help you find the best products or solutions for you.

53% Of Americans Favor Stricter Policies

Based on the 2021 survey, nearly half of the U.S. population (53%) favor stricter gun laws and restrictions. Minor ones say these laws are about right or should be less strict. In fact, Republicans and Republican-leaning independents have different views. Most claim that the current gun laws should be less strict than stricter.

By comparison, many Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in 2019 favor stricter laws than less strict ones. Both years, half of Republicans claim current gun laws were about right. Now, most Democrats and Democrat leaners (81%) claim gun laws should be stricter, though this number has %slightly declined since 2019.

More Restrictive Policies and Gun Access

U.S. citizens in rural areas favor more expansive gun access, while U.S. citizens in urban areas prefer more restrictive policies. Urban communities are more Democratic, and rural areas tend to be more Republican, but this pattern is also true within each political party. For example, 71% of rural Republicans favor allowing school officials to carry a gun, compared to 56% of Republicans living in urban areas.

Nearly half of urban Republicans favor bans on assault-style weapons, compared with 31% from those in rural areas. Democrats favor stricter gun restrictions regardless of where they live. But there are still differences in each community. For example, 33% of Democrats allow school officials to carry firearms, compared with 21% in urban areas.

Owning Guns Linked With Personal Views

Most Republican gun owners are less likely to favor policies that restrict access. Other Democratic non-gun owners are most likely to favor restrictions. For example, 75% of Republican non-gun owners and 30% of Republican gun owners favor creating an official database to track all gun sales.

In addition, there’s a slight difference in the number of Republican non-gun owners and gun owners who favor banning high-capacity magazines and assault-type weapons.

Divided Opinions About Mass Shootings

US adults have divided views about whether stricter gun ownership laws will result in fewer mass shootings. Mass shootings often spark debates over the nation’s gun laws and restrictions. However, U.S. adults have different opinions on whether legal changes will result in fewer mass shootings. Nearly half of adults (49%) say stricter laws for obtaining guns will help decrease the shootings.

On the other hand, the other half (42%) say that this will not make a difference. In fact, the public has divided views about the effects of gun ownership on crime. Nearly 34% say that if more people own guns, it’ll increase the risks of crimes, while 31% say there will be less crime.

Numerous Factors Influence Their Views

82% of Black adults claim that gun violence is a huge problem — the largest share from another ethnic or racial group. In fact, nearly 39% of White adults and 58% Hispanic adults have similar views about gun violence. Democrats and democrat-leaners are more likely to view gun violence as a huge problem, unlike Republicans. Nearly 65% of urban Americans have similar views compared to those who live in rural areas.

US adults buy and own a gun for different reasons. Unfortunately, even long-term gun owners have never considered the implications of a gun in their homes. Guns are hazardous and valuable objects, so they should learn how insurance and weapons go together to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their possessions.

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