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Heartwarming Laws Around the World

Laws exist so that society may thrive with order and structure. Without them, people would just do whatever they want without any regard for the feelings of others. Everyone has rights that they can exercise, and each time there is a violation of the law, it should be met with the proper consequence. You do not have to worry about this if you are one who is sensitive and always abide by the rules. In a perfect world, there should be no need for laws since people would know how to live harmoniously with each other.

But alas, that is not meant to be. There are a lot of rule-breakers out there, and they may or may not get away with what they are doing. Some go to great lengths, like faking an injury, so they can get money from claims. Brave disability insurance lawyers lead the fight against these frauds to protect companies who provide them coverage. Just pray that they will eventually get their due.

Each country has a different set of laws that its citizens have to follow. Some are sensible, but there are the rare ones that you might find strange. Here are some that not only pique your interest, but it may warm your heart as well:

Taking Care of the Elderly

China is one of the most prominent countries in the continent that is Asia. Its expansive landmass is home to about 1.4 billion citizens. The country has also seen itself grow economically since it has made reforms to its policies, which made it more receptive to international investors. Its population makes it one of the most marketable countries around.

Among China’s populace, 241 million belong to the elderly group or those who are above 60 years old. This is the age where they become more and more dependent on the care of others, as their physical health continues to go on a downward spiral. It is the natural order of things, and you really cannot stop it.

The good news is that the government has a law that protects the rights of old people. It is created so that they can receive help and continue to enjoy being a member of society. They will not be discriminated against or maltreated in any way. It is nice to know that even in their twilight years, China’s elderly will not have much to worry about.

For Man’s Best Friend

Turin is one of Italy’s major cities. This is where you will find the Turin Shroud, which is said to contain an imprint of the face of Jesus Christ. It is one of the Catholic Church’s well-known relics. Other than that, if you are into cars, this city is home to global manufacturers Fiat and Alfa Romeo.

This city has a law in which dog owners are required to walk their pooches three times a day. If they fail to do this, they will be issued a fine. This is a great way to promote health for the animals. Though in this age of coronavirus, people have to maintain a distance from each other if they are to bring their pets outside.

Appreciating Your Own


Canada also has a large landmass. In fact, it is the second largest in the world. This is a country known for its sweet maple syrup and its obsession with ice hockey. Internet culture has pegged them as a society that is so polite that it would say sorry to you whenever there is a chance.

When it comes to culture, Canada has a law that supports its own. If you are a music lover, your stay here will have you exposed to a lot of its artists. The reason for that is they have a law that requires radio stations to play content from local artists, where the amount set is at 35%. This means more than a third of the songs played in a day will be from Canadian musicians. The world’s music stage can be very competitive, with the biggest global stars perennially holding high places on the charts. This will provide support and motivate their own to create beautiful music.

Clean Words

The Middle East is a region that is rich in oil reserves. The United Arab Emirates or the UAE is a sovereign state and ranks sixth in the world when it comes to the size of these resources. The Emirates refers to the seven monarchies governed by their own rulers called emirs. In terms of land area, the largest would be Abu Dhabi, while the most populous being Dubai. The rest are Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Though the UAE is a progressive state due to its diversity and lesser reliance on oil, its laws will not make you forget to be courteous with your words. If you swear here, you will pay the price for it because you could get fined or thrown into jail. And it is not limited to that. Any other rude actions that you do in person or even online will be subject to this punishment.

When you respect the law, you also do the same to your fellow citizens. But the ones mentioned here just gives you something to smile about. These are laws that help everyone become a kinder person.

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