Is There a Brewing Conflict in Your Workplace?

Poor PerformanceThe workplace can be an avenue to build friendships with colleagues. Working with the same faces every day lets employees grow closer and form personal relationships. But sometimes, things can get too personal. Once they do, or even before they do, signs of a brewing conflict begin to show.

Do you see any of these in your workplace?

Employees Performing Poorly

People generally dislike confrontations. If you’re a manager, you won’t expect commercial dispute lawyers from Creagh Weightman Lawyers, or elsewhere, marching into your office to ask employees about a complaint without any previous signs of an impending dispute.

When you’re looking for the signs, keep an eye on your employees’ performance. If they are unable to fulfil their responsibilities the way they usually do, you may have to sit down and ask them what the problem is.

There are many possible causes of poor performance, and as a responsible manager and colleague, you have to consider them. They will point to an issue that you have to address, so it’s wise to identify and fix it right away.


Gossips are a common indicator of issues, and they’ll probably be your first source of information about workplace conflicts. If you overhear juicy and less-than-pleasing bits of news about a colleague, or even yourself, talk it over with them. Find out who’s the source, hear all sides of the story and clear the air for everyone involved.

Remind your co-workers that they are in the office to work, not to spread rumours. If they have problems they want to bring up, they may speak to the person directly, or ask for their supervisor’s opinion and assistance.

Frequent Absence

If you notice more employees calling in sick at least once a week, you must check up on them as soon as possible. They may be developing serious health or stress-related issues in the workplace. Or it may be a sign that they don’t want to be in the workplace anymore, and they try to stay away from it. Try asking their close friends and find out the reason behind their frequent absence if you can’t speak to them directly.

Conflicts in the workplace may be inevitable, so it’s important to catch them early on and keep them from turning into full-blown problems. Do it by watching out for the signs.

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