Landlord Rights: Four Reasons Behind Tenant Eviction

Tenants Being Evicted

Eviction notices are stressful. Landlords, however, have the right to send them and kick stubborn tenants out. In this article, know the four major reasons behind tenant eviction.


One of the major reasons behind tenant eviction is non-payment of rent. Despite being a legal obligation, many tenants fail to recompense due to financial difficulties.

When a tenant’s arrears continue to increase, property owners have the right to evict the lessee and turn to residential or commercial rent recovery services.

Persistent Late Payment

Tenants who pay but consistently pay late are also candidates for eviction. Landlords provide payment schedules that tenants should respect and adhere to. If a landlord sets the payment schedule to every 15th of the month, constantly paying rent on the 17th or 18th are grounds for eviction.

Contract Breaches

Rentals, whether residential or commercial, all come with a lease agreement. Tenants and landlords must adhere to this contract to ensure fairness and security. When a tenant breaches their lease, property owners can file for an eviction. Some common breaches to a lease agreement include:

Tenant Move-In

Tenants must state all parties living in the property upon signing a lease agreement. Failure to do so may call for an eviction.

Unauthorised Pets

Condominiums and apartments typically forbid pets. Landlords expect tenants to follow this rule.

Refusal to Pay Rent Increase

Landlords have the right to increase the amount of rent legally. Tenants who refuse to follow may leave or just wait for eviction.

Illegal Use of Property

There is a reason residential properties are for living and why commercial properties are for business. When a tenant rents a residential apartment and decides to use it for business, he or she is using it illegally. Apart from violating their lease, this contravenes zoning ordinances as well.

Nobody wants to be homeless, especially when it is just because of a contract breach. Respect lease agreements as landlords have the power when it comes to eviction.

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