Insurance Claim in Los Angeles

Next Steps: What to Do When Your Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Your Claim

Insurance Claim in Los AngelesInsurance is used to cover emergency expenses should you get into any type of accident. You could be perfectly fine but if your car isn’t, you’ll want your insurance company to help you out. Except…they don’t. What can you do then?

Reading the Fine Print

Make sure you know your policy inside and out. Your insurance is acting in bad faith if they intentionally do not honor a valid claim. Some signs to look out for include denying your claim without giving a reason or negotiating to pay you far less than what your claim should command. They may also bring up complicated jargon in their contract that may allow them to sidestep their fiscal duty to you. At worst, they may even attempt to pressure you to drop the claim. Any of these acts is cause for complaint and can be a basis for filing a complaint of bad faith.

Finding Representation

Haffner Law will probably suggest that should you find yourself in this type of situation, seek the help of a lawyer who specializes in bad faith insurance cases. It is generally best to hire locally so filing a case in Los Angeles means hiring representation there. You can choose to get a large firm to take on your case. In general, these larger firms will have contacts that can ease the process of litigation. Make sure to talk to your lawyer and discuss your case thoroughly. This will help determine your chances of winning the case as well as bring up questions such as their fee structure and case history.

What’s in it for You?

The amount you win can vary. At the very least, it can be equal to the cost of the claim you should have received from the start. There is also a chance that you will be awarded the amount you spent pursuing this case. You can also include in the case any emotional distress you experienced upon realizing someone who should’ve had your back betrayed you.

Moving Forward

Such experiences are highly unpleasant but not impossible to move on from. Look deeply into the reputation of your next insurance company. This will help you find the right insurance policy for you.

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