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Road Trip: It’s About Bringing the Family Closer

Of all the phenomena to come out of the 20th century, youth culture is perhaps one of the most interesting there is. A post-war concept, youth culture is defined as the manner that the younger generation lives.

As the name suggests, youth culture varies depending on the place of origin, since it is often dictated by the background and context of those who participate in it. In the western world, a dominant part of youth culture are road trips.

For residents of the United States, this is particularly accessible considering how most states can be driven to by car. Those who reside in Boston can arrive in Salt Lake City after more than 30 hours of driving, with plenty of pit stops to visit along the way. Though the amount of hours spent in the car may sound grueling and tiresome, many find the concept of the journey worth it.

In spite of how important road trips have become to youth culture, many parents are apprehensive about allowing their kids to go on them. After all, times are changing and there are multitudes of ways the trip could go wrong.

One of the worst things that could happen is that someone gets injured in a road accident. Another is the accumulating fees that an accident will bring upon the families. Hospital bills will have to be paid, and an attorney who specializes in car accidents and insurance will need to be contacted, too.

However, as much as parents tend to worry, what-if scenarios should not prevent them from letting their children have the best experiences on the road. If they are hesitant about a group of teenagers or young adults going on a cross-country trip, then maybe they can revise that itinerary and make it a family outing.


Traveling by car with or without the entire family grants adjustability compared to other modes of transportation. This means that those going on the trip do not have to follow a strict timetable, and can do whatever it is they feel like doing during the ride. Also, long-distance car rides mean that they can focus as much attention on the journey as they will on the destination.


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Unknown variables are available in every kind of trip, and it is the same with road trips regardless of who is in the car. It is possible for the group to see a sign leading somewhere in the distance that might not be in the original plan. Or, they might encounter fellow travelers who might recommend certain destinations that are not included in the itinerary. Being flexible and having no schedule to adhere to means that taking detours will not be detrimental to the entire road trip experience.


Kids grow up, and that is an inevitable aspect of life. That means parents can and should take as much time as possible to spend time with their children, and going on road trips is just that. Conversations will be made, jokes and laughter will be shared, and there might even be some fights over who gets to play their playlist.

In most scenarios, people only look forward to the destination. The same cannot be said about road trips. Parents who are anxious about their children’s safety can take the opportunity to plan family road trips in hopes of bringing their family members closer.

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