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The 3 Types of Drivers You Want to Avoid

Whether you want to enjoy a pleasant Sunday drive or you’re just getting used to the streets you’re riding around, you need to not only be aware of the road signs but also those driving around you. Besides having the spatial mindfulness to keep a safe distance from different types of vehicles, it’s best to know the red flags that show a specific driver may be using habits that can be both a hassle and a danger to others around them. If you want to make sure you don’t have to call up your car and motorcycle accident attorney, keep a lookout for these bad drivers.

Ol’ Road Rage

66% of traffic fatalities happen because of aggressive driving, and individuals with road rage are the prime suspect for this harmful style of hitting the road. They are more likely to be impatient, tailgate, sideswiped, and ram other vehicles. Be wary of any individual that rolls down their window to yell at other drivers on the road or fling up obscene gestures.

Not only does their aggression make them more likely to cause accidents, but they also are the ones more likely to step down and fight you if you end up in an altercation with them. And based on their mentality, they are not expected to try and resolve things peacefully. That can end up in injuries that aren’t even related at all to any collision or driving incident.

The Swerving Disaster

Rule breakers are bad for the road in general, but if you see a driver who can’t seem to stick to one lane for long and doesn’t even bother to switch lanes smoothly for the benefit of others, keep a safe distance. While some drivers accidentally do this simply because they missed a cue or they are trying to catch an exit, you’ll quickly notice someone who is doing it unnecessarily and even a little too often. Even if it doesn’t end up in an accident (which it is still likely to cause), a lot of swerving can cause unnecessary delays and can hamper traffic.

If you’re trying to get someplace on time or you want a steady drive where you don’t have to continually shift your speed to accommodate the finicky person in front of you, it’s best to reel back or overtake this driver before they hamper you.

The Slowpoke

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Yes, you may think that speedsters are the most dangerous ones to avoid (and they do cause their fair share of trouble), but because of said speed, they are likely to zoom past you anyway before you have time to get offended by their driving and decide to avoid them. The real person you want to avoid is the slow driver.

The reasons are quite clear, especially if you’ve ever had the inconvenience of being stuck behind one. However, beyond being an absolute bummer to drive behind, these drivers pose a lot of risks as well. Several collisions, some fatal, have been caused by slow drivers. Even if they didn’t pose that risk, they don’t do any favors for traffic flow.

If you can steer clear of these troublesome drivers, you should have a less stressful drive ahead of you.

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