Things to Do to Secure Your Commercial Driver’s License

Commercial Driver In OremCommercial drivers have a lot on the line every time they go on the road because this is their livelihood. They need to be as careful as possible to be safe and away from accidents or else, there’s a chance that their professional license would be taken away from them. Holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) also comes with extra consequences and set of rules.

Here's how you can protect yourself from trouble:

Follow Both Rules

As a commercial driver, Mt. Nebo Law says you need to follow both the non-commercial (non-CMV) and commercial driving privileges. Even if you have a CDL, you can’t continue driving if you lose your non-CMV privileges. You should know the triggers for disqualification so you could prevent doing them. Disqualifications include refusing to take a chemical test, causing or leaving an accident you’re involved in, not following traffic rules, going beyond the speed limit, equipment violation, and more.

Find the Right Lawyer

You should be careful when choosing the right CDL lawyer in Orem to work with if you ever come across any legal problem. The lawyer should be based on where you got the ticket, not where you live. This is because there are different laws per state. It’s also more convenient to hire a lawyer who is near the court where you need to defend your case.

Coordinate with Your Employer

If you get a ticket, you should be honest and inform your employer about it. Hiding it will only make your situation more difficult and may be grounds for a contract termination if your employer finds out eventually. Your company may also require you to work with certain lawyers for representation in court or even a retainer.

Keep these things in mind to prevent yourself from getting in any trouble on the road. This way, you can protect your job and source of income.

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