Three Instances that Require Legal Business Representation

Businesswoman with her attorney and business partnerAny business may face legal battles due to different circumstances. What may initially be a look like a straightforward case can turn out to be complex and in breach of several laws. If your business does not have a legal team to make sure everything complies with the law, you may lose a battle before it’s even begun.

Miller & Steiert, P.C. compiles for us a short list of areas that need legal representation:


In a merger or acquisition, there are binding contracts to sign. You need to check that the terms are favorable to your company. Otherwise, you may be looking at millions of dollars in losses. You may even lose your entire business if you’ve landed yourself in a compromising agreement. As soon as you sign those papers, they are legally binding, so make sure a business attorney has checked all the paperwork for any loopholes.

Breach of Contract

You may have successfully gotten into a merger with the help of your business attorney, but it doesn’t mean you won’t encounter problems. If any of your partners have breached the contract, you will need an attorney to iron out the situation. Legal action may be necessary if there is a possibility of you losing money or ruining your company’s future. Any act that is against the contract can be a reason for a lawsuit. Have your lawyers look over the terms to see if you have missed or any important detail.


With the onset of social media, going viral on the internet is not so far off. When a situation gets way out of hand and catches media attention, you’re going to need a business attorney. A Colorado cake making business has recently been the talk of the town because of the baker’s refusal to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. According to the baker, it was freedom of speech that gave him the right to refuse to participate in the celebration of a union that was against his own beliefs. Controversy has surrounded the case because of anti-discriminatory laws. Without competent lawyers on both sides, an issue like this cannot be resolved, and similar issues could be confusing in the future.

Businesses need lawyers to handle delicate matters. There are simply areas of business operations that you cannot do yourself.

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