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Tips for Healthcare Workers Aiming to Win a Malpractice Lawsuit

Every healthcare worker aims to provide the ultimate care standard to his or her patients. Unfortunately, there are times you might be sued for malpractice. Recent statistics reveal that approximately 75% of doctors practicing in low-risk specialties and 99% of those in high-risk ones are sued by the time they turn 65.

An acquittal is a judgment of not guilty. In other words, to acquit is to find a defendant innocent. During a trial, an amnesty transpires when the panel (or the arbitrator) decides that the prosecution has not established the defendant liable beyond a reasonable doubt. A panel can find a defendant innocent of some but not all accusations. In that situation, the clearance is just partial.

A not-guilty verdict is not the only way for an amnesty to happen. For example, trial magistrates and courts of appeal can effectively vindicate defendants by discovering that there was inadequate proof of liability. While there is no way for the prosecution to review a judgment of not guilty, there might be an occasion to appeal a court’s decision of acquittal.

You might think that all lawyers in New York can handle your case and get you an acquittal. However, medical malpractice cases include complicated medical evidence and jargon that will prove challenging for attorneys with no expertise in these cases.  Here are some ways to boost your chances of an acquittal:

Avoid Altering Medical Records

Doctors talking about medical reportsIt is tempting to clarify, complete, or reconstruct a plaintiff’s records to exonerate yourself. This will be a major mistake since it negatively affects your professional integrity. You should also ensure that no document is missing from a plaintiff’s medical file.

Adequately Plan for Your Testimony

You will boost your chances of an acquittal if the jury gets to learn a thing or two from your testimony. You should hence address the panel as you would talk to your patient. Your statement should also be delivered in lay terms even as you explain complicated jargon so that everyone understands you.

Control Your Temper

A plaintiff’s lawyer will badger and offend you, but you should always be calm and objective in your responses. You should also consult records if you are unsure to avoid coming off as a careless person.

Recognize what you are feeling and deny it. Get rid of your negative thoughts and replace them with ones that are constructive. Say to yourself that you need to be productive and relaxed. Reflect on the tasks that you can finish in the next hour or what you can do today to make tomorrow enjoyable. Your thoughts will drift from anger to something that will make your circumstances more manageable. This way, the jury will view you as a non-impulsive individual.

A medical malpractice lawsuit might be the lowest point of your career. With exceptional legal representation, the suit will fortunately not mark its end. Most medical malpractice cases take a long time due to their complexities, but your acquittal will be worth the wait. Good luck!

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