Types of Work-Related Injuries that Trucking Drivers Experience

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There are about 17 deaths cases and seven workplace injuries in the warehousing and transport industry, annually. That shows that there is a high risk of workplace injuries in trucking, too. Workplace injuries or accidents will affect the performance of a trucking driver to the point of ending their career or life.

Luckily, certain state laws offer protection for truck drivers while they are at work and in the time that are carrying out their tasks. Truck drivers can now get timely compensation for injuries, explainsa trucking attorney in Washington. That would sort their medical bills as well as cater for other expenses after the accident interrupts their work schedule. The common injuries that trucking drivers may encounter fall into either one or a combination of the following:

Vehicle- Related Harms

The fatal truck accidents happen due to faults in the vehicle. When the parts of the vehicle are non-functional, the driver risks losing control when driving. Not only will the driver risk colliding with another vehicle and causing a fatal accident, but also increase the chances of the rolling over. There is always the need to prove that the vehicle had faults before the truck driver begins their shift. Any case of the vehicle developing complications in the hands of the driver may work against the case.

Injuries after Striking Against Objects

Tasks such as attaching and lifting trailers and opening containers put truck drivers at the risk of striking by nearby objects. These objects could be winch bars, chains, pallet jacks, lift, gates, and vehicle parts. The striking may induce injuries such as back sprains and strains.

Musculoskeletal Disorder

truck driver beside his truck

These disorders affect the back, neck, and upper body and usually occur due to lifting, loading, and unloading heavy objects. Replacing the vehicle tires or using loaders can also cause these disorders. The reason for the pain and disorder is the exertion of too much pressure during the different processes.

Fall from Elevated Grounds

The elevated places that truck drivers can fall from are staircases, the vehicle, or openings. Staircase injuries are common during the moving of items to and from upper floors. Most falls from the vehicle, however, happen when the driver is exiting from the vehicle. These falls from elevated grounds can result in knee sprains, back sprains, and, in extreme cases, broken limbs.

Same-Level Falls

Not all the falls in the trucking industry are from a higher ground levels. Truck drivers can experience accidents from falling on level grounds. Such falls occur during the loading and unloading process, hoisting the latch to the truck, and putting the tire chains. Truck drivers suffer from knee, back and joint sprains due to these falls.

Truck drivers are prone to work-related injuries while carrying out their tasks. The injuries one may suffer will vary according to the kind of job and location. Regardless of the job they are handling, any truck driver is prone to injuries which may affect their performance. Thus, always hire a trucking attorney in Washington to help with the various legal suits they may face in the course of your career.

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