Why You Should Never Take Your Teenager Car Shopping

CarEvery American teenager lives for the day they would be given more independence by their parents. Much of that independence is anchored on their driver’s license.

Preparing to buy your teen a car

While you’re contemplating how best to give your excited teen enough lessons and advice to make them a safe and responsible driver — heaven forbid you’ll have to one day call a semi truck accidents attorney in South Jordan — osmondlaw.com says you should also consider the type of car to give your child.

Car shopping is exciting for anyone, especially for youngsters who are about to have their first taste of freedom on the road. But though you might be thinking it would be such a treat to take your teen car shopping with you, your parental instincts should tell you this is not the best idea. So do some research on the Internet without telling them about it just yet.

Why you should buy the car without your teenager

A teenager doesn’t think of a Corolla. What a teenager wants is a Mustang Shelby GT Super Snake. They don’t think of the cost of insurance; they picture themselves as DMX paying for a Lamborghini with a bag of cash. OK, maybe that’s going too far. But the point is teenagers normally want a car that shows independence, not simplicity or fuel economy. And since what you want for your teen is a more sensible buy, it makes no sense having them beside you pleading for you to take them to the Lambo dealership next door, even as you’re trying to negotiate for a used Volkswagen Jetta, which is, by the way, a great choice for teen drivers.

So don’t take your teen with you; don’t even tell them that you’re looking for a car to buy them. Surprise them with their new car when you get home. Whatever car you buy them, as long as it’s not an obvious beater, they’ll be overjoyed and thankful.

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