4 Steps to Selling Your Home in 30 Days or Less – Without Lowering Its Price

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Experts in real estate know that anyone can sell a home in 30 days or less but at a much lower price. What if you don’t want to drop your selling price? Can you still sell your home fast at full market value? Several real estate experts have weighed in, and they say, that it is still possible, as long as you follow these steps:

Make Your Home Always Ready for a Visit

Typically, sellers provide certain schedules for showing their homes to potential buyers. However, if you want to sell your home at full market value, you need to make your home always open and ready for a visit. This way, you won’t miss any potential buyer that might come by any day.

 Improve the Kerb Appeal of Your Home

As they always say, first impressions last. But, how can your home make a great first impression? Start with the exterior part of your home. Perhaps, you’d like to repaint your exteriors, landscape your garden, and install a new, secured entry door. The key here is to make sure your kerb appeal is inviting enough to attract several prospective buyers.

Stage the Interiors

Buyers who imagine themselves living in your home will likely — and quickly — place a bid on your home. So, it is vital that the interiors of your home are appealing and look comfortable at a glance. But, don’t spend days redesigning your interiors. Instead, hire a professional home staging service provider for better and quicker results.

Hire an Agent and a Conveyancer

With the service of a full-time real estate agent, you can make sure that your house will be up in the market as soon as you decide to sell it. More importantly, this agent will help you to connect with a lot of potential buyers. Also, don’t forget to hire a lawyer that specialises in conveyancing. Connolly Suthers, a trusted conveyancing services provider in Townsville, state that legal processes involved in selling a home will be quicker and more efficient, with a help of an attorney.

You don’t need to sacrifice the value of your home just to sell it fast. As long as you make your home desirable and readily available, potential buyers will definitely on a bidding war just to have it.

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