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Safe Riding: Common Accidents when Riding a Motorcycle

Road accidents are common occurrences in most countries. However, for the the majority of motorists, this doesn’t prevent them from driving. There is an assumption that if you are a good driver, you are less likely to get into an accident. But there are several situations where other people’s recklessness puts you in danger. This is most evident for motorcycle riders.

The frequency of motorcycle accidents has resulted in lawyers specializing in them. If you just bought or plan on buying this high-powered machine, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Keep yourself safe on the road by finding out about common accidents.

What to Watch Out for on the Road

  1. A car makes a left turn in front of you.

This is one of the most common road accidents, for cars and motorcycles alike. However, motorcycles are more at risk because of their smaller size. Drivers have a tendency to look out for other cars rather than motorcycles.

Don’t fall victim to this inattentiveness. When you are approaching an intersection, be extra mindful of your surroundings. Don’t speed up or attempt to overtake cars. Slow down and cover your brakes to protect yourself.

  1. A car hits you from behind.

There will be instances when you have to hit the brakes unexpectedly. Whether this is because of a fast-changing traffic light or you want to avoid an animal on the road, this last-minute decision might put you in danger. A driver that fails to see you brake in time will likely hit you from behind.

If you have to stop, try to maneuver your motorcycle to the side. This will mitigate the risk of getting hit from behind. Additionally, be more aware of areas that might have you hitting the brakes unexpectedly. Look out for stops signs and pedestrian crosswalks.

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  1. A car opened its door in front of/next to you.

When you’re on a motorcycle, it is tempting to weave through gaps during traffic jams. But this puts you at risk of getting hit by a car door. Some passengers take traffic jams as an opportunity to get out of their cars.

Avoid incidents like this by being vigilant. Don’t pass between active traffic and parked cars. Aside from opening doors, the parked car might suddenly pull out of its spot. Instead of getting hit by a door, you get clipped by the car itself.

  1. The roads are slippery.

Road accidents for motorcyclists are not limited to cars. Sometimes, the weather puts your safety at risk. Although experienced riders don’t consider rain a hazard, it’s important to remember that they know what to watch out for. Find out more about these and protect yourself on slippery roads.

  • Worn out tires have less friction and will likely slip on wet roads. Check your tires before riding in the rain or snow.
  • Manhole covers and oil spills become extra slippery when wet. Manholes are easy to detect; for oil spills, look for rainbow patches on the road.
  • Remember that there is limited visibility during rain and snowfall. If you have to go out, wear something bright so other motorists easily see you.

Remember these tips to keep yourself safe on the road. Part of being a responsible motorist is being mindful of the action of others.

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