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Legal Tax Loopholes: How Can You Use Them?

If you are looking for ways to save money in taxes, then you should think about what loopholes you can use. The term tax loophole can be scary to many people because they think it is illegal. However, there are many legal tax loopholes you can use to your advantage.

Here are some common ones you should know.

529 College Savings Plans

If you are saving for your children’s college expenses, then you will benefit from this loophole. Section 529 of a federal tax code will let you put money into that kind of education investment plan, and the cash will grow while being tax free. Both you and your partner, if married, can create separate contributions for each of the kids to increase your earnings. Since there are few rules set for these kinds of plans, you can add as much cash as you want because there is no federal limit.

Employer-Paid Health Insurance Benefits

There is a good chance your employer will pay for your health benefits. It is compensation if it is a perk for you being an employee. However, if your employee did not offer these benefits, you would have to pay for them out of pocket, but you will not be taxed and you do not have to make a claim for its value as income.

Employer-paid health benefits aren’t taxable, according to a tax code, income to said recipient. So choose a job that comes with benefits, even if the paycheck is smaller.

Property Tax Reduction

woman doing taxesWhether or not you have paid off your mortgage, property taxes will get higher. While it may be beneficial to all the residents, it can be difficult for those struggling financially to pay for them. Contact property tax reduction consultants to help you. It can help you save a ton of money and be beneficial for you in the long run.

Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

The government spent around $464 billion from 2011 to 2015 because of thehome mortgage interest deduction. While you can itemize your deductions if you pay your mortgage, this loophole may work better for the wealthy.

If you can afford an expensive home, that means you pay a lot for mortgage interest. In case you have a mega-mortgage as a taxpayer, you can deduct a good amount from your taxable income, but lower-income earners may not get this advantage.

Capital Gains Tax Rate

If you sell an asset at a cost higher than your basis in it, which is how much you spent for it and extra expenses added to the improvement or the sale, pay for capital gains tax.The difference between your basis and sales price will be your profit. How is this a loophole?

Your ordinary income is taxed at a higher rate than capital gains tax. If some or most of your income stems from investments, then you will pay less for taxes compared to getting all your income from self-employment or employment. It is an excellent loophole for those who are skilled in buying and selling properties.

Know that tax laws can change periodically. You need to check the current laws and consult a tax professional before doing any of the loopholes mentioned.

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