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5 People You Should Employ When Building an App

Over half of digital media usage is from mobile apps. That is why there are millions of downloadable apps available for the public now and there continue to be more and more coming out every year. Wanting in on this profitable and accessible medium is entirely understandable as both a passion and a business investment in today’s age of technology deeply entwined into society. Of course, you may already have a stellar idea that you want to unveil, but it can’t be appropriately executed if you don’t have the right team.

If you’re ready to create that app to change the game, here are the five key members your team should have:

  • Front and backend developers

Your developers are at the core of creating your app. Every action and operation you want to be included in your product will be programmed by your developers. While you may find a highly-skilled individual confident in both front and backend development, it would be wise to split this into two so that you can have a more streamlined production and hit deadlines better. Your backend dev essentially makes sure that everything is functional under the surface and that your database is working. Your frontend dev is in charge of the elements that the consumer directly sees and interacts with. Together, they create a well-oiled machine.

  • IP attorney

Finding a software patent law firm you can trust is a must when you’re getting ready to launch your app, especially if you’re particularly creating something that hasn’t been seen before and isn’t a variation of an existent product. That is essential in protecting your IP, especially as theft in the tech industry continues to see rising rates throughout the years. You don’t want competitors beating you to the punch or claiming your creation as their own.

  • QA specialist

Quality assurance is essential for any product, so having an analyst on your team just ensures that you won’t be putting out anything that will get you a bunch of poor ratings that may tank your app. They will also be vital as you release to the public so that if any bugs or other complaints crop up, you have someone who can troubleshoot and lead the team’s response accordingly.

  • Designer

Tech officeThe visuals of your app are just as important. Not only does this create brand retention, but it also determines how easy it can be for consumers to interact with your user interface. Having a good design also makes your app immediately more trustworthy to users who may have no previous information or opinion about it previously. On average, 77% of an app’s users will uninstall it within three days. This drop-in retention is often attributed to poor user experience stemming from a lack of convenient design.

  • Project Manager

Of course, your success will also rely on how efficient your team works from production to deployment. Every aspect of planning and execution will have to be monitored and led, which brings in the need for a reliable project manager to keep everything moving. Without someone having things in check and shouldering the management aspect of things, your app development can go awry quickly.

With a good team, your app can flourish even among thousands of other streams of media populating the space of consumers.

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