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Death and Your Assets: When Is the Right Time to Converse?

It is understandable if you are conflicted at the thought of talking about death. It is one of life’s processes, and many people just find it hard to face their own mortality when they are still feeling healthy. But that is the truth, and that is why you have people who specialize in estate planning. The inevitable can sometimes come unexpected, and if nothing has been set in stone, the courts can decide who gets what. Sadly, for some, it becomes the source of family quarrels, as they fight each other for things they deserve they should get.

All of this begs the question: When would be the right time to talk about death and your assets?

State of Mind

For all matters that require a certain degree of seriousness, you should be in the right state of mind if you want to discuss how you will be distributing your assets. Regardless of age, you need to show that you have the ability to think and decide for yourself. Avoid getting yourself intoxicated on the day of the discussion. An exemption might be if you are on medication, for which it would be best if you have a doctor with you to vouch for your state of mind.

Some people talk about their death and assets even at a relatively young age, somewhere around their 40s. Many still consider this as their prime age, but it is also when most feel their bodies going down the wayside. The mind is still bright and sharp at this point in life, but it is also the stage where you have gathered enough experience to know the ways of the world. This could be why, despite still having perfect health, some are already planning out what they will be doing in advance. And by that, it means beyond death.

State of Health

The body is home to many complex biological systems. But sometimes it can be unpredictable. Some people are deemed fit and healthy and yet are hit with life-threatening illnesses. Being very sick is one of life’s most difficult challenges. These can be life-changing and make you think about what your family’s life will be if you don’t survive it. It will have you contemplate deep on how short your time on this world and you wish that you had just taken care of yourself better. This is another time where it would feel right to discuss leaving the world behind.


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Will anyone be ready for death, ever? That his hard to tell. Some people experience an epiphany after enduring a life-altering situation. For example, if you got admitted to the hospital, the first thing that will come to your mind is how long will you stay bedridden. But when you do get discharged and given a clean bill of health, you will start to ponder what could have been. This will trigger your desire to go over your assets and think about what you will be doing with them once you pass on. It will also give you a new perspective on how you view things in life and leaving something behind for your families and loved ones. It is one sensitive topic that is hard to digest.

In all honesty, this all boils down to your desire to leave a legacy or securing your family’s future. You do not have to be in a rapidly deteriorating shape before you think about discussing it. You can decide which is the right one for you. Death is part of life, and there is no escaping it.

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