Birth Injuries: Negligence During Delivery

Birth InjuryNegligence during childbirth or delivery can cause temporary or permanent injury to the infant. This is especially true if the chosen treatment or procedure by the doctor was inappropriate of if the physician failed to use proper care before or during the delivery. Preventable or avoidable injuries that happen during childbirth are an example of medical malpractice, in which victims can file a claim.

Common Injuries

Injuries associated with childbirth vary depending on the care provided by the attending physician. One common injury is cephalohematoma, which happens when blood gathers between the cranial bone and the skin. This may be due to vacuum extraction. Caput succedaneum or swelling of the baby’s scalp may also occur if there too much pressure on the baby’s head. Vacuum extraction or long headfirst delivery may cause this.

Lack of Oxygen Flow

When doctors fail to provide adequate flow of oxygen to the baby during delivery, the brain cells are negatively affected. This may lead developmental problems, brain damage, or other conditions like epilepsy. Cerebral palsy is also likely to occur due to lack of oxygen. Birth injury and cerebral palsy lawyers in Georgia note that these conditions will require frequent medical assistance to care and support the child.

Inappropriate Infant Handling

Erb’s palsy is likely to occur if the infant’s neck or shoulder stretched greatly during delivery. This nerve-related injury may cause numbness and weakness in the arms of the baby. Babies affected by Erb’s palsy will require surgery or physical delivery to see improvements in movement. The degree of medical care varies depending on the severity of the condition.

Infant Bone Fractures

Sometimes, bone fractures are unavoidable, but they can occur when the doctor failed to identify or address any complication. Doctors, who had an opportunity to spot complications, would have performed C-section delivery if deemed appropriate. Bone fractures in a newborn baby often occur in collarbone or clavicle.

For those who think that their child’s injury is a result of medical negligence, it is important to seek legal help. An experienced birth injury lawyer can help the victim prepare evidence and proof to prove negligence and get proper compensation.

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