Why Paralegals are Invaluable in Divorce Cases?

Important Role of Paralegals in Divorce CasesIt’s not uncommon for paralegals to play big roles in divorce cases these days. Individuals need bona fide lawyers for this legal process, but they’d see the face of their attorney’s family law paralegal more often for certain matters. Some are even wary if the paralegal and the lawyer have switched places and the former started to take over.

This is completely wrong. Lawyers still handle divorce cases because they know family law deeper than paralegals do. America is used to paralegals doing simple tasks, such as setting appointments and preparing forms, but the profession has evolved so much its duties are no longer limited to the basics.

If you want to go to paralegal schools online to study family law and gain a foothold in the legal industry, The Center For Legal Studies exclaims that you could make a world of difference. Here are some of the contributions you could give:

Uncovering Hidden Wealth

Most modern paralegals are proficient with innovative tools useful in discovering personal assets. As a division of property is among the hottest divorce topics, your tech-savviness would be instrumental in this matter.

The cunning, richer party usually hides some wealth under the radar to remain untouched by the other during the process. Today’s paralegals are the go-to member of the legal team that could discover any undeclared assets, collect evidence, and essentially make the divorce less stressful.

Investigating Parental Alienation

Child custody could get ugly, especially if it comes at the expense of the children. It’s not unheard of for some parents to cross the line and deliberately ruin the image of the other to the kids.

As family courts decide on child custody based on the child’s best interests, it’s important to know which parent can provide the level of care the kid needs. While the suspecting parent could hire a professional investigator, an experienced paralegal could effectively produce proof that the other party is guilty of causing parental alienation.

Promoting Mediation

In the name of peaceful resolutions, mediation trumps litigation any day. Some divorcing couples are so emotional they don’t realize the financial consequences of a long divorce process.

No one really needs a bar passer to explain the benefits of taking the amicable route to them. Many 21st-century paralegals can assess if mediation is suitable for the case, saving the lawyer precious time for more important matters.

The role of paralegals in divorce cases is invaluable. If you want to be a paralegal and love family law, your career would be fulfilling.

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