Bringing Your Foreign Partner Home to Meet Your Parents

If you have been living abroad, you might have found love there. Some of these romances end up going nowhere but some of them blossom into great partnerships. Now, it is time to bring your partner home to meet the parents. This is a big step in your relationship and you might need some advice on how to make it as easy as possible.
Here are some tips that should help:

Get The Legal Obstacles Out Of The Way

One of the first things you should handle is all the legal hurdles. If you are living abroad and bringing them home, you need to be sure that they have all the necessary papers. This includes passports and visas. The most important is getting the right visa. For example, you might want to ask about and apply for a fiancé visa if you plan to get married in Orem, Utah or other places in the United States. But if you are only bringing your partner for a visit, then you don’t have to go that far.

Think About the Language Barrier

When bringing home your significant other, you should take into account the language barrier. It is an advantage if your partner is not so good with your native language. This way you can act as interpreter and ensure that there are no misunderstandings. Try not to put a spin on things when you translate and be as honest as possible. Your partner probably has some skill with the language so let him or her talk on their own. It lets them practice the language that can help in future meetings.


Give Them Some Warnings

There are always some sensitive issues in any family. If you want to make the introduction as smooth as possible, try to give them warnings about what not to discuss. You may want to ask him or her to avoid discussing politics or some other hot-button issue. Additionally, your warnings should include things like family dynamics and how members of your family relate to each other. This ensures that your significant other won’t accidentally cause any problems.

Be There as Much as Possible

Meeting anyone’s parents can be a stressful experience. If you want to make it easier for your significant other, try to be by their side. This doesn’t mean you have to be there permanently. It is more of showing your support to him or her. Don’t suddenly leave to do something such as buy groceries or hang out with your brother.
Besides your presence, you should always try to praise your significant other in front of your parents. This shows them what you see in your partner and what you think are their positive traits. If you do have to leave for a bit, try to get back as soon as possible.
Bringing anyone to meet your parents is already a major hurdle. If they are from a foreign country, this adds to the difficulty. But it is possible to do so successfully. Help them out as much as you can so that they can dazzle your parents and you can have a future together.

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