What Not to Do When Going Through a Rough Divorce

We wish all divorces go quietly and smoothly, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. And sometimes, people commit some mistakes when going through a divorce and this makes things worse.

A divorce is often a painful and extremely difficult experience. It can drain you physically, emotionally, and mentally. However, making certain mistakes can complicate things even more.

Regardless of the situation between you and your spouse, you must do your best to avoid the following mistakes when going through a divorce:

1. Not cooperating with your lawyer

Just as you would cooperate with your trusted criminal lawyer in Townsville for a criminal offense, you have to cooperate with your divorce lawyer every step of the way. While your lawyer will take care of most of the legal stuff, you have to provide them with all the documents and requirements they need to make your case.

2. Isolating yourself

Unless you have an iron heart, you can’t go through a divorce alone. Yes, a divorce may be embarrassing, but shutting yourself away from friends and family is only going to make things worse. So, instead of isolating yourself, reach out to friends and family for help during this trying time.

3. Using your children against the other

child custody

Another common mistake that many divorcing parents make is using their children against each other. For example, one parent badmouths the other in front of the kids so they “take sides.” In other cases, one parent moves out with the kids without telling the other with the goal to cause pain. Not only are these actions petty and potentially harmful for everyone, but they achieve nothing beneficial for your divorce.

4. Failure to check your finances

A divorce can have significant effects on your finances, especially if most, if not all of your assets are joint with your spouse. That said, going into a divorce while not fully aware of where you are financially could lead you into trouble. For instance, how are you going to pay for expenses after your divorce? How will taxes change? What about your current debts–how will they be handled?

All of these questions and more can ve answered by a reputable financial advisor. So if you’re not sure how to proceed, consult with an advisor.

5. Not complying with court orders

Whatever you do, you must follow all court orders given to you by the judge. Otherwise, you can risk being held in contempt of court, paying a lot of fees, and hurting your own case (due to making a bad impression with the judge).

6. Rejecting compromise

No matter the situation, divorcing spouses need to compromise. There’s no way around it. Refusing to compromise will only prolong the proceedings and complicate matters. Thus, to make everything easier for everybody (and less expensive), cooperate with your lawyer and compromise in situations that you can.

7. Not getting your own lawyer

A divorce lawyer is expensive, but a do-it-yourself divorce can cost you even more. Don’t go into a divorce without your own attorney. To ensure that legal proceedings will be handled professionally, hire a divorce lawyer.

These are just some of the common mistakes divorcing couples make nowadays. But one thing remains the same for all divorce mistakes: When it won’t make anything easier and better for everyone who’s involved, don’t do it.

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