Dear Men: Are You Really Aborting Your Baby?

AbortionWomen take the center stage whenever unplanned pregnancies and abortion become the topic of discussion. While you cannot begrudge her for getting all the sympathy and attention, this doesn’t reduce or eliminate the validity of your thoughts and emotions about the situation.

Aborting Silence

The guilt that only she has to undergo the physical consequence of pregnancy suffices to keep most men quiet about the issue. Evading all chances of giving your honest opinion, however, might backfire in case you feel uncertain about your decisions. As the biological father of the unborn child, you can practice your right to the child without offending her.

Couples like to maintain a certain level of secrecy, especially if abortion enters the picture. The lack of advice — in addition to the panic and frustration that came with the news of pregnancy — makes it even more crucial for you to speak up and play an active role in deciding the child’s future.

HeartToHeartAdopt.com suggests asking the following question: Will you put your baby up for adoption or cut off his chances of life as soon as possible?

Aborting Hazards

Your decision to proceed with the abortion or not will affect her either positively or negatively. Research revealed that among young women who terminated their pregnancies, many suffered from psychological stress. Abortion also put them at risk of physical complications.

Ask yourself if you can bear the thought of allowing her to go through those hazards. If you consider the alternatives to abortion, you’ll realize that it doesn’t even count as a solution. Society’s opinion hardly matters compared to the life of your partner and your unborn child.

Aborting Abortion

Convincing her of disregarding abortion involves a lot of persuasion and effort on your part. You might be surprised at the variety of alternatives and the degree of support adoption agencies and similar organizations will give you. They’ll make it easier to cope with the reaction of your family and friends to your decision to give the baby a chance.

Just because a lot of couples have resorted to it doesn’t mean you have to. You have as much say on the baby’s future as your partner does. The key to coming to mutual agreement depends on your effort to balance her each other’s rights.

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