Unhappy Marriage in Colorado

Unhappy in Marriage But Lacking the Courage to Divorce

Unhappy Marriage in  ColoradoOne reason couples choose to stay together in a bad marriage is that they don’t have the courage to end their commitment. Even though they felt trapped in a relationship, they would not pursue divorce unless they could guarantee financial stability.

The reality is, marriage, when it’s going okay, benefits the whole family. When it is not, however, it can be terrible for both parties, even more so if children are involved.  While divorce should be the last course of action for a couple, the idea of staying together despite being miserable should not be tolerated. This is because divorce can be a liberating experience and can make children happier if their parents are happy too.

Putting Off Divorce

Apart from financial concerns, couples also put off divorce because they are hoping that things will improve. Colorado Springs divorce lawyers say some people do not entertain the idea of splitting up because they are scared to be on their own and worried about feeling lonely.

Physical and Emotional Effects

An unhappy marriage, however, can be detrimental to physical and emotional health. According to WebMD, it may raise stress levels and increase the risk of depression or heart disease. Studies say couples that usually argue may also take longer to heal from simple wounds than those in less hostile relationships.

Accepting It’s Over

When life becomes too painful with too many conflicts and scars, it is normal to entertain the idea of divorce. When people harbor deep and long-lasting fear, it could be time to let go. Even without anger, couples may start to lose respect for their relationship and their spouse. If couples feel it is impossible to bring that respect back, this might signal the end of a relationship too.

While divorce is never easy, it may be necessary to regain a sense of freedom. Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to end a marriage, especially if it’s making a person unhappy and unfulfilled. Consulting a divorce attorney will help them go through the process of addressing issues associated with their relationship.

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