Determining the Best Paralegal School for Your Law Career

ParalegalIf you dream to become a lawyer, one of the first steps that will help you become a successful practitioner is determining the best paralegal school for you. The institution that you will choose should help you build a genuine commitment to assist the people in need and give justice to whom it is due.  

Apart from this, some of the factors that you need to consider in choosing your school include (a) the paralegal program that is being implemented by the institution, (b) syllabus and courses or the curriculum, (c) location of the school, (d) offered internships and affiliated agencies, and (e) your career plans.

1. Paralegal Program

The program of the paralegal schools in your list must be accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA). This ensures that all the mandates of the schools comply with the standards of the ABA. In the future, after you finish your study, having an ABA-accredited school will help you find good-paying jobs. Remember that not all schools are ABA-accredited and qualify for paralegal certification.

2. Curriculum

Study and know if the professors in the school of your choice are practicing or former lawyers. Industry professional The Center For Legal Studies notes that the experience and knowledge of the professors are important in helping you mold your career.

3. Location

Most legal practitioners advise students to look for a paralegal school in the state where they want to work. The advantage of this includes being able to observe the legal practices and norms in the state and apply it to your studies.

4. Internship Program and Affiliated Agencies

Since internships help you build your confidence and gain real work experience in the industry, the school that you will be studying at should have a variety of internship programs. The schools should have contacts and affiliated agencies engaged in all the areas of law so that you can choose base on your interest.

5. Career Plans

Lastly, it is important to consider your career plans in choosing your school. Will the paralegal school help you finish your study in your preferred number of years? Will the school help you gain credits for your career? Does the school have a good if not the best program for bar reviews and examination?

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