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Role of Birth Injury Lawyers in Seeking Compensation

Birth Injury LawyerThe birth of a child symbolizes love, hope, and happiness. It strengthens the union between man and his wife, as their family welcomes a new chapter in their lives. Unfortunately, this joyous moment might bring the opposite emotion due to unforeseen injuries and disabilities during delivery.

The negligence of healthcare providers may expose newborns to various life-threatening hazards. Birth injury lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia and the rest of the U.S. recommend making sure that these providers take responsibility. The following are some complications that might happen.

Hypoxia and Anoxia

Hypoxia refers to insufficient oxygen supply, whereas anorexia is the complete lack of oxygen. These conditions are the common causes of lasting birth injuries during labor and delivery. Oxygen plays an important role in the nutrient synthesis and energy production of all body organs, especially the brain. Therefore, deprivation of oxygen even for a few minutes can result to irreversible organ damage.

Hypoxia and anoxia often occur due to the negligence of the physician and healthcare staff. If the healthcare provider pinches or transects the umbilical cord accidentally, the baby will lose oxygen. The baby is unable to breathe on their own, so the umbilical cord serves as their main source of oxygen.

Medical malpractice is happens when the physician is unable to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy after five minutes of insufficient oxygen. This technique is important, as it reverses the organ damage caused by oxygen deprivation.

Cephalhematoma and Caput Succendaneum

Cephalhematoma and caput succendaneum are vaginal birth injuries that cause permanent deformation of the baby’s head. This happens due to excessive head trauma wherein the head hit the mother’s pelvic bones, delivery instruments, or obstetric tables. If unskilled medical practitioners handled your delivery, they may not be using proper techniques like the wrong use of extractors that hastens labor and causes irreversible head swelling.

If your newborn suffered from any of these medical malpractices, it is important to know that you have a right to receive reparation for your baby’s irreversible injuries. Seek help from a trusted birth injury lawyer who can assist you in seeking for the necessary compensation.

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