Divorce 101: 4 Interesting Facts You Might Want to Know

Marriage is considered by many as the last and most significant phase of courtship. Granted, there are numerous dreamy words associated with marriage, as it tends to be an aspiration for many individuals. Romantic descriptions aside, marriage is a legally binding union between two agreeing parties. However, not all couples achieve a happily ever after. This is why global divorce rates continue to surge each year.

Divorce pertains to a court’s act of legally terminating a marriage in a legal proceeding. It requires an official complaint or petition for dissolution by at least one involved party. Although it sounds dull and simple, it’s more complex and interesting than you expect.

In this article, we have rounded up several astonishing trivia regarding the complicated business of divorce:

1. A historical divorce led to the establishment of a religion

Many blame the proliferation of allegedly twisted media portrayals of marriage as the reason behind the rise of divorce cases in numbers. However, divorces were already being processed before traditional media was made available. In fact, there had been dissolutions of marriage as early as the mid-1500s.

Historian Anne Foreman describes the divorce of Henry VII and Catherine of Aragon as ‘the most celebrated divorce case in history’. Although it involved the married couple, it was actually more of a struggle between Henry and Pope Clement VII.

In 1527, Henry attempted to compel the pope into terminating his marriage to his Catherine who could not give him a male heir. He planned on marrying a younger lady, Anne Boleyn. In 1533, Henry removed himself from Rome and ‘declared himself the head of a new church, the Church of England’.

Due to this decision, the collateral damage was the religious customs of a massive community. Religion back then was more than just an organised group of people practising a common faith but a social system of patronage and politics. Thus, the closing of churches and the establishment of a new religion brought many changes.

2. There are only two states in the world where divorce is illegal

Philippine Flag

Aside from Vatican City, the Philippines is the only country in the world where divorce is still not legitimised. This is mainly due to the deeply rooted traditions and beliefs grounded on culture and the predominant Christian faith.

3. Divorce statistics seem to worsen each year

Since the 1980s, divorce rates continue to increase. In fact, statistics show that in the United States alone, an estimate of 42% to 45% of marriages ends in divorce. This figure excludes legal separations.

4. Lawyers and solicitors earn a lot from divorce cases

Divorce is a lucrative field of business for solicitors and lawyers. In fact, as of 2013, a divorce attorney earns an average annual wage of $56,000 in the U.S. In big cities in the United Kingdom such as London, a divorce solicitor can generate an income of £80,000.

Divorce is an intricate subject with interesting aspects. Guaranteed, in the years to come, we’ll get to see more changes in this area.

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