Make It Final: How to End a Marriage

In the beginning, there are roses and sunshine. Most relationships start with starry hopes for a bright future. Sadly, not all relationships or marriages last very long. When both players decide that staying in the relationship is no longer an option, some points must be considered.

    • When ending a relationship, be compassionate. Remember, you once loved this person dearly.
    • The past is done, so move on. There is no need to rehash past arguments. Focus on the future.
    • Make it legal. In Albuquerque, several divorce attorneys specialize in family law, and you can seek advice from them.

When divorce is the inevitable outcome, you have to prepare adequately. Here are some questions that you need to ask:

What are my options?

Get a lawyer. If you want to dissolve a marriage legally, divorce is the way to go. This can be extremely taxing on your time and finances. However, divorce will seamlessly define the division of property, custody, and support. In the U.S., there are no fault states wherein the law does not require validation for the divorce. Frequently, divorces are settled out of court.

Who keeps the kids?

More often than not, the most painful part of divorce is deciding who gets to take care of the children, if there are any. Joint custody means that the children get to live with each parent within an arranged schedule. If the parents can come up with a strategy that works best for the interest of the child, then there is less heartache.

Timesharing could get a bit tricky as one parent might feel that he/she is entitled to spend more time with the children being the “better” parent. If parents cannot agree with fair timesharing, then the court decides what is best for the child. In cases that the child is over 14 years old, he or she has the right to choose which parent to spend more time with.

Who supports who?

child support

In terms of child support, all states have guidelines and formulas in computing for the amount required. This is generally based on the income levels of both parents. The law enforces the provision of child support, and lawyers can even move to have the amount deducted directly from the delinquent parent’s paycheck. Failure to provide child support can result in being fined or jailed.

In cases where one party is hugely affected by the divorce, the court enforces the other party to pay alimony until the former can financially recover.

What is mine and what must I pay for?

Know which property you are entitled to and who gets to pay for the debts. Some states maintain that properties acquired during the marriage belong equally to both parties and must be split in half.

Excluded from the division is separate property – property owned before the marriage. Also, if there are prenuptial agreements, then these are taken into consideration when splitting property.

In the end, you should be familiar with your state’s laws. Find a good lawyer, then make it final. If done correctly, you can hope to remain friends with your ex.

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