Frustrated Wives and Why they Hate World of Warcraft

Frustrated WiveMost couples argue about the usual: money and constant miscommunication. Marriages suffer when husband and wife don’t get along with finances and how they talk. But a study also reveals another marriage wrecker: World of Warcraft (and other video games).

Wives with husbands addicted to ‘real’ world games such as World of Warcraft know the struggle. Their love for the game triggers countless arguments about dirty dishes and lack of quality time together. As a result, more women file for divorce because their husbands spend too much time playing video games.

What Studies Say

The Mail Online reports that of those wives who cite unreasonable behavior for ending their marriage, 15 percent insisted that their partners prioritized gaming more than the relationship. Disgruntled women blame the World of Warcraft’s platform, which allowed their husbands to create characters for mythical adventures. In terms of Call of Duty, gamers can unleash their inner gunman in different war zones.

It’s no secret that wives are not big fans of these games. These games have also faced major criticism in the past because of its addictive nature. In fact, some players reveal that World of Warcraft is more addictive than drugs.

The Home Wrecking Games

A study from Divorce Online reveals that Call of Duty and World of Warcraft are the top causes for divorce due to video games. While these games remain on top of the must-haves, it’s also one of the last straws for frustrated wives.

For some divorce attorneys in Denver, CO, excessive gaming isn’t always the main cause; it can be a symptom. The disconnect between fantasy and family is less than just neglect and more on the subject of game addiction.

Psychologists, however, reason out that women shouldn’t always point the finger at video games. Men turn to video games to de-stress or find fillers to their empty lives. Addicts experience a compulsion that drives them to play every day.

Video games are a way of life for some men and some wives experience difficulty understanding. For a marriage to work, communication is still necessary. It’s never too late for a husband to realize that there’s more to life than World of Warcraft.

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