Visiting the United States Starting With Utah

Visit in UtahAmerica is the dream! For sure, you want to see the Cloud Gate in Chicago, flaunt your skin in Miami Beach, shop ‘til you drop in Times Square New York, or fulfill your California Dream. But the US of A is more than that. There are way lots of places you do not want to miss out, like for instance, Utah.

Fast Facts

Utah has its name from the term “Ute” which means people of the mountains as in the Native American Ute Tribe. Its capital is Salt Lake City which also happens to be the largest city in Utah.

Like all the other states of America, Utah has its nickname which is “The Beehive State” and no, it does not mean that the state has a lot of bees or that they are biggest producer of honey. The Beehive State pertains to the major qualities they are trying to uphold – perseverance and thrift – you know, like bees.

Going around

  • Parks

There are a lot of parks in Utah and each can offer you a variety of activities, however, the most sought parks are the five “major” and national parks in the state which are Arches, Canyonlands, Zion, Bryce, and, last but never the least, the Capitol Reef. There are tours that you can avail if you do not know where to start.

  • Adventure

If you are looking for a little adventure and thrill, whether you are an elemental earth-based activity enthusiast or a water-loving person, check out Utah’s pride for recreation – Glen Canyon and Flaming Gorge. The former offers water-based activities while with the latter, you can go camping and boating and you can even catch trout fish which is, of course, the state fish.

  • More and more adventure

Utah has a lot to offer. Putting everything in a single writing is impossible and all these mentioned right here are just the very small part of the whole state so it is best you plan your itinerary carefully and plan ahead of time.

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