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How to Avoid Scams and Choose the Right Bail Bondsman

One day, you received a terrifying phone call. A family member or a friend was taken into custody by the cops for driving under influence, being involved in a bar brawl, or other activities that break the law. Although they can temporarily be released, you have to pay the bail.

It can happen to anyone. One mistake can cause a person to be on the wrong side of the law, leading to an arrest and then being thrown behind bars. In most cases, those who break the law can be released if they can cough up the amount that the presiding judge sets. However, for some people, paying the court is not immediately possible. That is when a bail bondsman enters the picture. For a small fee, they will provide the cash needed to set your loved one free.

With many bail bonds company in Park City, how do you choose the right one? Find out below.

What Does Your Attorney Say?

When someone is arrested, one of the first people you need to call is an attorney. If you do not have one, search for attorneys in your area that specialize in criminal defense.

If needed, an attorney can dispute the bail that the judge has set and hopefully give you a more favorable amount. Moreover, your attorney may know a trustworthy bail bondsman that will give you a fair fee — one that will not bankrupt you.

Choose from the Court Recommendation

Once the judge decides the bail, the court usually releases a list of bail bond companies to help your situation. Choosing from the list assures you that you are getting reputable firms, not those fly-by-night operations that will scam you out of your hard-earned cash. These companies are trustworthy; they work on similar cases all the time and deal with the court often.

Ask Duty Officers

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If you are nice enough to the officers guarding your loved one, they might recommend a bail bondsman that they know. Like the list given by the court, companies that officers endorse are trustworthy. Likely, they have dealt with the company before and had a good experience with them.

Read Reviews

The best thing about the internet is it allows people to share their experiences to those who are going through the same thing. When choosing a bail bonds company, try reading what other people have said online. You can check Facebook pages, forums, and the company’s website for reviews.

Reading reviews will allow you to wheedle out those that have a bad reputation in the industry and may not have your best situation in mind.

What Happens if You Do Not Pay the Bail Bondsman

Not paying the bail bondsman is a serious offense. When you ask them for help, you are entering a contract. Failure to pay and make the scheduled court appearances will lead to your rearrest. The bail bonds company might also take you to court for not paying or late payment.

If a friend or a family member who helped arrange the bond for the defendant, they will also be made to pay the fees.

When choosing a bail bonds company, trust your instinct. If something on their website or your conversation seems fishy, it is best to decline and search for other options.

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