Is Your Wife Abusing You?

Cincinnati Domestic Violence AttorneyHaving rough patches, resentments, and other issues with your marriage is normal. Sometimes, the lack of these negative incidents and feelings may even be an indication of a bad, dysfunctional marriage. But what if you’re being abused and your marriage is now a scene of danger? Even if you’re a guy, do you know that you need to ask for help? 

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, most women have trouble discerning between healthy and unhealthy relationships — but husbands can also be victims.

Here are some signs you have to watch out for when you want to protect yourself and your children:

Threats and ultimatums

While compromises and promises are important parts of any relationship, any good Cincinnati domestic violence attorney would say that threats of separation, threats involving deadly weapons, threats involving bodily harm, and other dangerous situations could mean that your wife is abusing you.

Excessive control of many aspects of your life

If you don’t have the freedom to spend money, make your own relationships, socialize, get medical care, seek professional help, and other things without the permission of your wife, then you may be in an abusive relationship. Even if you can still do these things yet have to face serious consequences if your wife finds out, then it’s the same as controlling behavior.


Whether you’re in a public or private setting, being humiliated by your wife through actions or words may be a form of abuse. If you constantly feel that your self-esteem and confidence are suffering because of your wife’s words and actions, you should look at your relationship and see if you still feel safe.

After all these, it’s possible that your wife may even wrongfully accuse you of abuse — just so she can manipulate you. In the end, she becomes the emotional abuser. Learn the signs of an abusive relationship and protect yourself.

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