The Pivotal Role of Reliable Court Reporters in the Judicial Process

Some court stenographers work as broadcast captioners. They transcribe dialogue to be shown on television as closed captions to assist persons who are deaf, or with hearing impairment. They work in post-production or in the set during a live broadcast. A Phoenix court reporter from companies such as  Phoenix Deposition Services may find work in other settings, but they work primarily as guardians of the record in the judicial process.

In charge of the transcript of proceedings

Courts reporters play a pivotal role, and with their skills, they are invaluable in the judicial process. During a deposition, someone has to safeguard the legal process by capturing every word spoken and keeping an accurate record of it. Court stenographers are the only professionals with the right training to perform this daunting task. Verbatim transcripts must be transcribed with accuracy and impartiality. The official record may only be used for appeals and other legal proceedings if it is a reliable source of information.

Methods of recording speech


Court stenographers are also known as stenotype operators since they are well versed in using the shorthand machine. The typewriter-like device is a tool for recording speech using phonograms. The machine puts together words not with single letters, but through a combination of keys. A professional with a mastery of the phonetic system is the best person to operate the device, which is traditionally used in court proceedings. Today, aside from the specialized chorded keyboard, guardians of the record have an array of tools to use, including machines allowing for immediate voice-to-text translation. These days, lawyers and judges demand immediate access to court records. Computer software has made this possible along with technologically advanced hardware. If anyone needs it, court proceedings can now be represented as real-time text that can be read by the literate.

Some stenographers utilize a covered microphone and steno mask to record words said, actions, and gestures. Only the reporter can hear what is being said. The stenographer can still review the transcript for grammar and accuracy. Digital recording may also be used, but video recording is possible as well. The stenographer is still in charge of digital audio and video recording devices.

Freelance reporters

In the United States, legislative court reporters are indispensable in state and Congress proceedings. While many stenographers enjoy this privilege, more professionals are out there finding their own way. Majority of court stenographers in the United States are not employed in the court system. Their skills set are specialized, and therefore they often enjoy being freelancers. A freelancer can be hired by organizations and individuals requiring the services of someone who can record arbitrations, as well as meetings and business sessions. Freelance reporters today thrive with new and better tools such as computerized stenographic captioning equipment.

Skilled professionals prepare text courtroom proceedings and without their services, the judicial process would be left in disarray. You may only hear about them when a controversial case is in featured in the news, or when a famous personality finds his or her way to court, but you can rely on them to be there working for accuracy and reliability.

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