Your First DUI Charge: Calm Down and Don’t Back Down

DUI Case in Jacksonville, FLFor some people, their first DUI offense is the end of the world. The idea of going through court is already a dead-end. As a result, some people think they have no other option but just to plead guilty. Why keep fighting for a lost cause anyway?

Still, believing that you have no chance to win is a common misconception that should never be an option.

There are still a number of ways to fight your first DUI/DWI arrest charge. If you’ve been arrested for a first-time offense, it’s time to seek assistance from criminal defense lawyers in Jacksonville, IL

Do You Know Your Options?

For the first-time DUI offender, feeling a little helpless is natural. You failed the blood, breath, urine, and field sobriety test — will the court automatically find you guilty?

Not necessarily.

Police officers and their DUI machines are not perfect. The circumstances surrounding the results of your tests can be excluded from the evidence against you. Don’t immediately assume you’ll receive a conviction because you drank and drove. Even with a first DUI offense, the court must fully understand the details before they make an arrest.

Know the Facts Before Pleading Guilty

Unfortunately, some people enter a guilty plea before fully understanding their situation, only to learn later that they had a strong defense. Before you plead guilty, it pays to get the facts straight.

The smallest detail for your first DUI offense can make a big difference. Do not make big decisions on your own; always speak with a skilled DUI lawyer first. Attorneys will tell you what to do, and they may offer specific details that can save you from conviction. Never plead guilty until you’ve spoken to someone about your case.

It’s your first offense; it’s normal to feel scared. But acting on impulse might worsen your case. Before you do anything, talk to a lawyer. They will fight for your DUI case. All you have to do is calm down and don’t back down.

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